Our Providers

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All of our highly trained and experienced Physicians are highly qualified in procedures, and are part of our organization due to their commitment to patient care.

Find out more about the Physicians or Advanced Practitioners that are committed to taking care of your individual needs.


Brady Brabec, MD

Brady Brabec, MD

Michelle Busch, ANP

Michelle Busch, ANP

Cari Bushey, RN/CNP

Cari Bushey, RN/CNP

George C. Canas, MD

George C. Canas, M.D.

Thomas Davin, MD

Thomas Davin, M.D.

Carl Dean, MD

Carl Dean, M.D.

Andrew Esten, MD

Andrew Esten, MD

James Gitter, MD

James Gitter, M.D.

John Gray, MD

John Gray, M.D.

Sandeep Gupta, MD

Sandeep Gupta, M.D.

Christopher Hall, DO

Christopher Hall, D.O.

Michael Legris, MD

Michael Legris, M.D.

Bridget Moe, NP

Bridget Moe,NP

Eileen Mundenar, PA-C

Eileen Mundenar, PA-C

Lynn Munson, MS, RD, LD

Lynn Munson, M.S., R.D., L.D.

Brett Nyholm, MD

Brett Nyholm, M.D.

Kyle Onan, DO

Kyle Onan, D.O.

Deirdre Palmer, MD

Deirdre Palmer, M.D.

Raymond Poor, MD

Raymond Poor, M.D.

Mary Prescott, NP

Mary Prescott, NP

Daniel Ries, MD

Daniel Ries, M.D.


Michael Somermeyer, MD

Michael Somermeyer, M.D.

Alexandra Straight, MD

Alexandra Straight, M.D.

Kimberlee Thielen, MD

Kimberlee Thielen, M.D.

Orvin Visaya, MD

Orvin Visaya, M.D.

Marc Weber, MD

Marc Weber, M.D.

Mario Zarama, MD

Mario Zarama, M.D.


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