Renal Transplant Management

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The Kidney Specialists of Minnesota Post-Transplant Clinic Team provides individualized, expert, post-transplant care. KSM established the Post-Transplant Clinic because we recognized that transplant patients have unique needs that need to be addressed. Immunosuppression medications after a transplant can lead to serious complications that need to be recognized early and treated. The goal of the Post-Transplant Clinic is to keep patients healthy and to return the patient to the most "normal" lifestyle possible. This is accomplished by close monitoring and education regarding medications and possible complications.

All patients followed before a kidney transplant by a KSM Nephrologist will transfer care to the Post-Transplant Clinic after their transplant. The Transplant Clinic staff see patients immediately after discharge from the hospital and monitor them very closely for the first two months and then gradually less frequently. Patients continue to be seen and followed in the clinic for as long as they have their transplant.

The Post-Transplant Clinic follows patients transplanted at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Fairview University Hospital, Hennepin County Medical Center as well as patients who transfer here from other centers out of the immediate area. The Post-Transplant Clinic stays in contact with the transplant hospital, providing them updates of your clinic visits and lab work.

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